Action required to improve diabetes care for children in Moray.

Diabetes UK publish 10 type 1 ESSENTIALS for children and young people. This details the care a child should receive "from a specialist team" One of these is "Support so you can do it yourself". To help you do this, you should be able to get expert advice, education and information that's easy to understand. This should include 24 hour access to help and advice. Other essentials where Grampian NHS fail include the requirement that the team should offer your child and your family the chance to talk to a psychologist - an expert in mental and emotional health with experience in diabetes and how it affects children and their families. Grampian NHS is unable to provide this in Moray.

Several years ago, there was a very well liked and respected paediatric diabetes consultant based at Dr Grays. He left in controversial circumstances and has never been replaced. Since then, the only resident paediatric diabetes specialist in Moray has been a nurse. The saving grace for NHS Grampian,  is that she is seen by parents as wonderful. She certainly goes above and beyond expectations. She visits schools to advise them on care of pupils with diabetes and many other extra tasks. However, she can only work so many hours in the week, and even then she is often called to Aberdeen to cover. Parents on the other hand care for their children 24 hours a day and too frequently when a problem occurs, no-one is available. NHS spokesperson says that there is "back room support". I would love to know where this back room is. Certainly, recently a paediatric diabetes consultant in Aberdeen has been giving more attention to families in Moray and while welcomed, it is not enough.​