Diabetes courses for T1 in Moray

Diabetes courses for T1 in Moray

Diabetes education has been proved time and again to have a huge impact on the lives of people living with diabetes. An education course can help them to  improve their blood glucose control, thereby reducing the risk of severe complications of the condition.

The  D.I.A.N.E. (Diabetes Insulin Adjustment for Normal Eating) course in Moray is an insulin management course facilitated by the local diabetes team and is designed for adults with type 1 diabetes on a basal bolus insulin regimen to help their knowledge, skills and management of their diabetes. 

The local team run 2 sessions a year in Moray and the next one is in May, running on the first 4 Fridays of the month of May and the next one will be on the first 4 Mondays of November. 

Patients have always evaluated these and similar courses extremely well.  Patients are required to self refer to this course, so any patients wishing to find out more or book a place on this course, please contact Martyna Chlost, the Diane administrator, directly, on 01224 558011 or by emailing  her at  nhsg.administratortim@nhs.net  (please note this mailbox is only checked once a week).

Diabetes UK are big supporters of these and other similar courses and I would urge anyone living with type 1 on a basal bolus regime to consider applying. One day a week for 4 weeks is often easier to arrange than the previous week long courses. It is important that these initiatives are supported or they may be lost to Moray patients.

 If you are in any doubts, contact Martyna at the number above, or come to our AGM on Sunday 19th February at 2pm in Elgin Town Hall lounge where we can give more information. Indeed if any of you have been on a DIANE course and would be willing to share your opinions and experience please do so using the contact us page.