PRESENT ( 15 );  Dave Duff (Chair), Eliz Paton (Treasurer), Fiona Murray (Secretary), Shonagh Cameron (Parent’s Rep), Anne Duff, Margaret Munro, Dorothy Kilgour, Alan Paton, David Slessor, Sandie Campbell, Laura Campbell, Nicola Braint, Gareth Braint, Rachael Ashley, 

Guest; - Mhairi Macdonald ( Diabetes Scotland Volunteer Support.)


Dave welcomed those present and gave the fire safety and toilet information.


  Apologies had been received from The Doel family, Alec Campbell, Sonya Warren, Rachael McLean & Allan Kirkwood ( Diabetes Scotland) and Claire Doughty ( AJE).

MINUTES OF LAST AGM were circulated and agreed by Margaret Munro and seconded by Shonagh Cameron. There were no matters arising discussed.


Dave summarised his report which is attached, highlighting the group’s donations to research and to Dr Grays dietetics. He had received updates from 3 of the research projects which were available to read. He showed the Diabetes Scotland new type 2 packs for newly diagnosed, explained the latest on type 1 events and invited members to join the DUK council of People with diabetes, and the forthcoming Cross party group meeting of the Scottish Parliament to be held in Inverness Town House in March. He also mentioned recent tragic deaths of two children who had undiagnosed diabetes. He stated he had a number of 4 Ts posters and asked everyone to take some for display.

There were no questions from the members


Eliz reported that the 2018 starting balance had been £5125.13, the closing balance at 31 December was £2661.41.  Income totalled £4768.39 much of which was from funeral collections, expenditure was £7232.11, £6000.00 of which was the research donations. Following a recent funeral of John Brown, who had passed aged only 45, a collection for the group raised over £1,000 bringing the current balance to £3759.19. There was a further £200 to be added from Rachael’s community choir.

There were no questions from the members.


Shona reported that she was assisting 2 groups from Elgin High School doing YPI presentations.

The attendance at the recent teen bowling night was disappointing. Otherwise the Facebook page has been very active,


The committee at that point stood down from office and the following were elected;

There was no contest for any position but Dorothy Kilgour stated that for medical reasons she wished not to be on the committee

Position    Elected     Proposer         Seconder

             Chair     Dave Duff  Fiona Murray  Eliz Paton

       Secretary  Fiona Murray  Dave Duff  Anne Duff

      Treasurer   Eliz Paton     Fiona Murray  Shonagh Cameron

     Parent’s gp.rep  Shonagh Cameron Sandie Campbell Alan                                                                                                  Paton.

      Children’s rep Laura Campbell agreed to this new position


Nicola Braint agreed to join the committee

Anne Duff, Margaret Munro, Sandie Campbell, Alec Campbell, David Slessor, and Jaye Thomson were all adopted to continue as committee members

Associate    Sonya Warren, Moray Councillor.

 Dave thanked all for standing


Dave stated that he and Anne would not be available to run events this year, but the tent and information was kept in the group trailer in Hopeman and anyone interested could either run a fundraising stall or just an information stand. Assistance would be available. Suggested occasions were Elgin Rotary Rotafun in Cooper Park on Sunday 2 June, any of the Moray Highland games in Forres, Tomintoul, Dufftown or Aberlour, or any other local gala days.

The group are hoping to enter a team of at least 4 to the Buckie Rotary 6 Harbours walk in May. Anyone interested see this web page for more details. https://www1.eboard.com/eboard/servlet/BoardServlet?ACTION=BOARD_SHOW&SITE_NAME=Destination&BOARD_NAME=SixHarbourWalk&SESSION_ID=yy3np7cgzf0jr831898

Diabetes UK’s annual fundraising Swim 22 commenced last Friday. There is still time to enter.Rachael reported she had registered and would be swimming at Keith pool.

Dave provided information about DVLA who have recently changed their guidelines in relation to use of flash monitoring and driving after sustained pressure from DUK and other European agencies.


Rachael asked for advice in getting a pump for her child as she felt there was reluctance. There followed a discussion on the availability of pumps in Grampian. Fiona recommended she persist with requests. Shonagh stated there was a shortage due to Grampian only providing pumps from one manufacturer.

There being no further business, Dave thanked those present for attending.

Att; Chair Report/

CHAIR’S REPORT FOR AGM.                                                                                       February 2019

It is my pleasure to present my report to Moray Diabetes UK Group. 

It has been a successful year in some respects, although lacking in support from the majority of the diabetes community in Moray. However we did manage to have a stand at Piping in Forres in June which was attended by many thousands from around the world. Along with our usual stands at Elgin Rotary Motorfun, and Forres and Aberlour Highland games we continued to raise awareness of the condition and the charity while also boosting our funds. Eliz will give more details in her report. Unfortunately I will not be running any stands in 2019 but I will support and help anyone who wishes to take on this valuable work.

Over the last year the group has donated £6,000 to adopt various research projects. I have here updates on three of these projects including one which has included our own Ruby. If you wish to read these updates they will be on the information table but if you wish a copy let me know and I will send you one.

We have also donated a further supply of “Carbs and Cals” books to the local dietetics dept at the request of Jan Masson who tells me that they are a great help to her work.

With regard to the packs we prepare for those newly diagnosed, around 300 more packs have been distributed this year through NHS admin, to GPs, practice nurses and to Dr Gray’s. We are very grateful to Mike Doel for taking on the preparation of these packs last year but due to his work circumstances he has had to return the task to me. A new book for newly diagnosed type 2 patients has been launched by Diabetes Scotland and this is now the basis of our packs. We add local information and a Diabetes UK membership application.  Examples are on the information table.

I am delighted that AJ Engineering in Forres have adopted our group as one of three charities they will be fundraising for to celebrate their 20th year. They have a virtual cycle challenge going and have invited any members to call in and take a turn.  They will be holding events throughout the year. Please support them when you can. 

Elgin High YPI scheme have two teams hoping to win £3,000 for the group. Good luck to Kayleigh and Robbie in their presentations.

With Diabetes UK type 1 events taking a year off to refresh the organisation, there has not been the usual opportunity to subsidise children or families. The family weekend returns to Glasgow in November this year and I would recommend this for any family with a type 1 child. The help and support provided by the volunteers and healthcare teams at these events are hugely beneficial. Just ask any of our group who have been on one. The childrens’ weeks unfortunately are not expected to recommence until 2020.  I will provide more information on the Facebook pages and the website when I can.

The Parents Support Group, through the closed Facebook page has provided a focus for parents of children with type 1 diabetes during the difficult times of diagnosis and in coming to terms with living with diabetes.  A recent bowling night for teenagers was enjoyed by the few who turned up. Lots of campaigning and meetings locally and nationally finally led to Libre flash monitoring devices being available on prescription. We still believe the conditions set by Grampian NHS are too stringent and that the scheme should include other CGMs.  The rollout of insulin pumps to children in the area has continued and the parent’s group has helped many parents through this life changing process. I believe there are still too few adults being offered this technology.

The group’s closed Facebook pages; one for the parents and one for the group as a whole have been popular and are a secure online place where problems can be shared along with the good news stories and information. We also still have our g-mail e-mail account. If you wish your e-mail to be included in the group messages please add your e-mail address to the attendance sheet, send us a message to moraydiabetesuk@gmail.com or use the contact us button on the group’s web site www.moray.diabetesukgroup.org . The website is also a good place to keep up to date with group events and news.

The presentation “Understanding Diabetes” is still available to local groups. As well as raising awareness, these talks help to generate funds for the group since although we do not charge a fee, donations are invariably forthcoming. If you know of any group, who would like us to visit, please let us know.

My 6 year stint in the Diabetes UK Council of People with Diabetes in London. has now ended and the charity is now looking for new volunteers This is a valuable, rewarding and enjoyable role involving 4 flights to London a year for meetings on a Saturday. It is important to maintain a Scottish presence to reflect the differences in our health services. Accommodation is provided and expenses are of course paid. Please see Dave or Mhairi if you are interested. Dave also attends the Scottish Parliament cross party group on Diabetes which, on March 15 is being held in the Inverness Town House and will report mainly on the Highland and Grampian NHS services. Anyone interested in attending this meeting, please come and see me later.

I have to thank and congratulate everyone who has helped us this year, those who stood with a collecting can and chatted to folk, those who helped at our events, the health professionals who have given their time and support, and of course everyone who has donated much needed funds. I must also thank our committee members for their help and personal support.

Thank you all,

Dave Duff