SHTG meeting 25 June 2018 re Libre

Report of SHTG meeting for the discussion on the Freestyle Libre Sensor.

Cutting to the chase, the recommendation as discussed today, and will come from SHTG to NHS Scotland, is to allow prescribing for those who meet the national clinical criteria. They aim to publish this, as planned, in July.


The meeting heard 3 presentations on cost effectiveness, a patient's perspective from Diabetes Scotland and the clinical effectiveness and experience. All positive in support of prescribing.

Detailed discussions with Q&A took place on the different sections of the report they will publish:

Advice for NHS Scotland;
Why the SHTG was asked to look at this;
Clinical effectiveness;
Cost effectiveness;
Patient and social aspects;
Context; and
Further research.

There will be some tweaks to the eligibility criteria to emphasise:

the need for engaging with your HCP;
That Libre is only one component within a whole diabetic pathway and won't be suitable for everyone;
That training and support must be taken up;
And discontinuing NHS prescribing of Libre will be a possibility if you are not keeping your side of the bargain or the benefits are not being realised in your circumstances.


Northern Health Boards made no overt statements on what may or may not happen, simply that they remain to be waiting on the SHTG advice before considering their policy position. Discussions did emphasise issues of inequality due to self funding and differing health board positions and that there should be a single Scotland approach. Learnings, experience and preprepared training packages are being shared across all the health boards and it sounded like plans are afoot in most areas of the country.

My own personal view is that there remains much to be positive about after today, but don't expect things to happen overnight. However, we will get there!