The Future of Moray Diabetes UK Group

Here is a report of the meeting on Sunday 23 October 2016;

Dave welcomed everyone especially Allan and Karen from Diabetes Scotland

He started off by giving a summary of the group’s background since the 1970s and some of it's achievements over the last 9 years since he has been chairman. He mentioned the name change, the thousands of pounds that have been raised for local support, children and family care events. We have supported at least one child on a Diabetes UK holiday every year.  Donations to Careline Scotland and research, mentioning Kevin Docherty's stem cell research in Aberdeen.
We have also supplied over 1000 introductory packs for people newly diagnosed with type 1 and type2 diabetes to all NHS surgeries in Moray.

Organised by the parent support section, we have had family swim sessions at Moray leisure centre and we also had a skating session. We have bus trips too. These are great fun and of great benefit as it lets the kids get to know each other, thus realising that they are not alone and their parents get together as well and talk about all sorts of things.

The group has also considerably raised the awareness of Diabetes in Moray, with stands at local events, such as Highland games, Gala days and coffee mornings.
Along with all this, we have gained the respect and support of the local health team.
We have had contact with MPs and MSPs. We have a committee member on the Moray PPF who keeps us to the fore locally, we attend events in Aberdeen and help at national roadshows. We have attended meetings of Tsi Moray and the Moray Health and wellbeing forum.

Dave paid tribute to the late Hugh Lawton, who was a driving force behind the group’s activities as well as being our treasurer and a recipient of the John Ireland award.
Dave will continue on the National Council for Diabetes, going to London 4 times a year, The Scottish Parliament Cross Party Diabetes Group and the Scottish Advisory Council for Diabetes.
At this point  the meeting was handed over to Allan Kirkwood, the Diabetes Scotland Volunteer Development Manager, who endorsed the great work of the group and added that Dave was in part responsible for the increase in pumps for children in Grampian from 2-27% since 2007 and for other improvements in diabetes care. This still needs a lot of work.
However some events  recently have had to be cancelled due to lack of support, so what is to be the future of the Moray Group?
As from today, Dave is standing down as Chairman. It is time for new blood.
After a break for coffee and discussion, Fiona Paton stepped forward and offered to take on the chair with the support of Shonagh Cameron as vice chair. The main reason being that they did not want to see the group fold as they both feel it has been a great asset to the local diabetes community.
Our treasurer, Elizabeth Paton then gave an up to date statement of the accounts. We have £8,730.05 in the bank. We need to bring this down to below £3000 by the end of December. Some of this will go to research, but it is for the use of the group. We would like to see more people, especially type 2s joining in and organising some activities, a walk, a visit somewhere, a picnic in the summer for everyone. There are funds available but more fundraising is always needed.
The bottom line is that we need volunteers to step up and give us some of their time. Over the years, people have come along to help, but there are a lot more of you out there and we want you to come and join us. As a knock on effect you have fun and find out a lot more about diabetes and managing it. It doesn't matter if you are t1, t2 a child, parent, carer or just want to join us, you will be very welcome.
So it is onwards and upwards.
We have some new committee members and we wish them every success in taking the Moray Diabetes Group forward to new heights.

Chair                                                      Fiona Paton

Vice chair / parents group rep;          Shonagh Cameron

Treasurer                                               Eliz Paton

Secretary                                               Jayne Stuart

Committee / PPF Rep                         Dorothy Kilgour

Committee members; Margaret Munro, David Slessor, Jaye Thompson, Anne Duff.

In addition, Sandie Campbell has taken charge of the group's trailer and contents, and Mike and Julie Doel have taken over the preparation of the packs for newly diagnosed.

Dave Duff will stay as "webmaster". If anyone has anything they wish to put on the website, please pass to him.